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Popslash Flashfic

Flashfiction for the Sparklies

Pop Slash Flashfic
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Welcome to the Popslash Flashfiction community!

This community has been modeled on the csi_flashfic community and others like it, and will follow roughly the same procedures. Which are as follows!

Comm Rules: How Flashfic Works

1. Challenges will be posted once every two weeks; you have two weeks to respond to the challenge. Challenges will usually be general enough to allow significant freedom of response; sample challenges in similar communities have included:

Darkness Challenge
ESP Challenge
Enclosed Spaces Challenge
School Challenge
Tour Challenge

... and the list goes on.

2. Challenge responses may be posted in both the popslash_flash community and your personal LJ. [this is a change from the original rule]

3. Multiple responses to a single challenge by any given author are allowed, as long as each story is complete in and of itself. Stories posted in parts will not be accepted.

4. The challenge will be formally closed by the ADMIN at the end of the challenge period (or as soon as she gets around to it); you can keep posting until you see that formal closing message.

5. After the challenge-close message from an ADMIN, no more stories for that challenge will be accepted.

6. A new challenge will be posted shortly after the ADMIN closes the previous one.

7. Please suggest challenges! We are open to your input! Challenge suggestions should be posted in the comments section of previous admin challenge post. Many are called, but few are chosen; if we don't pick yours this time, please feel free to suggest it again, or suggest other challenges!

Posting Guidelines

* For your archiving ADMIN's convenience, please make the subject line of your post read: "by [Your author name]" Stories will be archived in the memories section by challenge name and author name. You may title your story, that's fine, but don't put the title in the subject line, as that makes the archiving process more difficult for us.

* Use a cut tag. If you don't know how to use a cut tag, you can find instructions here.

* Pairings, warnings, and other information is appreciated but not required. Caveat lector.

* Stories should typically range from 100 to 1000 words. Note! The ADMINS do not police the word limit. Why don't we just say that there is no word limit? Because shorter fiction is specifically encouraged to keep things easy and fun and active. If you're a writer of longer fiction and you think you can turn out something longer in the two week challenge period, have at it! We're not going to turn you or your story away!

* However, regardless of the length of your story, please only post it in a single part -- the livejournal limit on post size is very large and should not be a problem for the flashfic. If your story exceeds that size or needs special formatting, please feel free to post it as a separate webpage and post a link to the webpage instead.

* Unfinished stories, or stories that are incomplete parts of a larger whole, will not be accepted. Completed stories occurring within an ongoing "universe" are fine, but each challenge response should be a complete story in and of itself.

* All ratings and slash pairings are welcome here, as long as the story satisfies the conditions of the challenge.

* Gen stories and pre-slash stories are also allowed and encouraged. Het stories are not, as they seem to have a significantly different audience than the one we're aiming for; however, anyone who wants to create something along the lines of pop_hetflashfic is encouraged to do so!

Flashfiction is a cool way to get your writing juices flowing; stories are generally (but not always!) fairly short, pressure is low, turnout is fast, and it's fun and community-building for both the writers and the readers. It's also good practice for new writers (or writers just new to the fandom), good exercise for more experienced writers, and hey -- easy feedback is always good, right? There's just no bad here to be found.

Fine Print

It goes without saying that this community is for fun, for entertainment, and for community-building. We expect all responses to stories to contribute to that atmosphere. Negative feedback is allowed, but if posted, the tone (and the tone of any authorial responses) should be friendly and constructive. The mods reserve the right to remove any comments we deem abusive, and to ban any participant whose comments we are forced to remove more than once. We sincerely hope that having written the preceding sentence, we never have to think about it again.

If you have any questions, if you aren't familiar with flashfic communities and want to chat more about the process, if you just want to get to know who we are, feel free to drop a comment in any ADMIN post. Current ADMINs are beckyo, raynedanser.